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Repair and overhaul of aircraft fire extinguishers for engine nacelles, APU and cargo / baggage compartments as manufactured by Pacific Scientific (HTL) and Kidde Aerospace.

Pressure vessels include HR Textron B757 / B747 door bottles and Pacific Scientific B777 EPAS door bottles.

We maintain an extensive spares holding of parts to support the above products, which are reviewed on a regular basis and can be extended to reflect customer 's forecast requirements. Parts that are not stock can usually be obtained in the published lead times.

Cartridges (squibs) also stocked to support the fire extinguishers.  

The facility operates a Halon Recovery System for reclaiming and re-cycling Halon 1301 extinguishing agent. Hydrostatic testing to DOT requirements. Maximum test pressure 7200 psi, maximum 60 cm diameter x 75 cm length, or 22.5 cm diameter x 150 cm length.

Complete overhaul of storage energy systems and re-charged to 5700 psi.